1st Annual Canadian ISP Summit


Monday, November 14th, 2011 marks a historic event in the Internet Service Provider (ISP) commmunity.  The inaugural Annual Canadian ISP Summit (http://www.ispsummit.ca) will take place from Monday, November 14th - 16th at the Intercontinental hotel in downtown Toronto.

The Annual Canadian ISP Summit is designed to "encourage open communication, stimulate interaction and unite" the ISP commmunity under "the common goal of thriving in the midst of constant change".  Amidst the wide ranging topics this event will cover, one of the most notable will be Leonard Katz' keynote presentation which will include Mr. Katz' first official comments on the anticipated CRTC decision regarding Usage Based Billing.

ACI's CEO and Vice-President of the Canadian Network Operator's Consortium (CNOC), Micheal Garbe, will be in attendance along with members of his Executive and Management Teams and we all look forward to a successful event!

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